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"Lookin Stylish With That Hawk, Braah!"

   “Lookin Stylish With That Hawk, Braah!”

A warmhearted spoof/parody/satire that puts you in control of Trumps Hair – a fake toupee, or rather a series of fake toupees from mowhawks to Mulletts and more. Challenge yourself to fly Trumps Hair Toupees through obstacles seen and unseen, into the pearly gates… Navigate well or be Fired. Win – and there is a surprise at the end.

Warning: the levels can be maddeningly frustrating. Like a challenge?  Press the yellow pump, and The Donald’s Fictional Hair Pieces come to life and fly. Direct Trump’s Hair Toupee by tilting your phone. Obstacles seen and unseen block your path – as you navigate to it’s final resting place behind the Pearly Gates.
Mulletts, Mowhawks, British Barrister’s Wigs and more challenge your dexterity.
And look out for Hilary, Jeb, and an army of cute Chihuahuas…

Win or You’re Fired; the choice is yours!

Simple, but maddeningly difficult.

Compare scores with friends. Trump their Best Scores. And put that bad hair to rest for good.

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Hell Toupee App Game Levels 1-3


Above are the first three levels starting screens.